Online Blackjack - essential information about the game

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games and today you can play this exciting game both on land-based and online casinos. When you're playing this card game, you're playing against the house and not other players. If you want to play blackjack online, you can decide if you want to play against a computer or a real live dealer.

We don't really have a date of when blackjack began to be popular, but rumor says that the origin was from France around the 1700s. The game was at that time called "Vingt-et-un" which translates to "21", which is pretty appropriate since the whole game is about getting 21 points before the dealer.

When you're playing blackjack online, you'll be able to enjoy your games much more easily and a lot of online casinos offer blackjack for both your smartphone, tablet or computer. Casinos today knows the important to offer their games to all kinds of players, both as a mobile casino and also directly on their website.

There's a lot of casinos out there who wants to offer their players the absolute best and thanks to the internet, we now are able to enjoy games like blackjack wherever we are!

Classic Blackjack

Classic Blackjack

Blackjack with live dealer

Classic Blackjack

Free blackjack games

  • Classic Blackjack

    Classic Blackjack

  • Blackjack Switch

    Blackjack Switch

  • Blackjack Pontoon

    Blackjack Pontoon

  • Perfect Pairs

    Perfect Pairs

  • Progressive Blackjack

    Progressive Blackjack

  • Super Fun 21

    Super Fun 21

  • European Blackjack

    European Blackjack

  • Blackjack Multihand VIP

    Blackjack Multihand VIP

How to find a good online blackjack game

The basic rules are the same when you're playing on a blackjack online casino and when you're playing blackjack against friends or on a real casino, but there are a few variations when it comes to playing online.

For example, you'll find a greater range of blackjack games when playing through the internet, since the online casino more easily can offer different games instead of land casinos. Real casinos are dependent on their local and space, which online casinos aren't. So, how can you find the best online blackjack game when playing on your computer, tablet or smartphone?

When searching for the best online blackjack, remember to choose a casino that you feel comfortable with. There are a lot of different online casinos out there, so it can feel hard to know what to choose. A lot of casinos offer a big variety of blackjack games, so you have a lot to choose between!

When playing online, you have the ability to choose between a lot of different tables where usually up to seven people can join. You and the rest of the players are then playing against the dealer and it's usually played with one to eight different decks, with 52 cards in every deck.

When playing blackjack, remember that the house will always have a percentage advantage than the players, but this doesn't mean that you can't win a big sum of money or have a lucky streak - it's mostly a reminder that blackjack is a form of entertainment and that's it's not really possible to play blackjack as an income or job. Therefore it's always important to play just for the fun of playing! You can read more about the rules of blackjack and how the games work, since there's a few different variations on online casinos.

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